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  Details Conditions Cost Duration

A teacher enrolling a group of students



one year

Access to all grammar lessons & exercises per student, group rate



one year

Access to all grammar lessons & exercises per individual student / teacher



one year
4. Access to commentaries on Leaving. Cert Oral Irish Pictures information €15.00 one year
5. Access to Topical Essays in Irish for Leaving Cert information €15.00 one year
6. Oral Irish practice with an experienced teacher and one-to-one tuition via Skype information €30.00 per hour
1. A teacher enrolling a group of students
  Fee: No charge Access period: Specified Tutor assistance, corrections, etc: Teachers have Tutor Privileges
One Tutor-Licence for use with a specified group of enrolled students. This option entitles a teacher to use the grammar lessons and exercises with a group of students who have each been enrolled at the reduced group-rate. Free access and "tutor privileges" are given to a teacher willing to act as Teagascóir tutor for their own pupils. Training and support will be provided for such teachers.
2. Grouprate for access to grammar lessons and exercises [go barr]
  Fee per student in group:: €10.00. Access period: Specified Group leaders and teachers can have Tutor Privileges
  Access only. This is the fee per student charged to a group of students enrolling together with a view to using the lessons and exercises for a specified period. While tuition is not included we are always delighted to respond to questions or requests for assistance. You may pay here for the group by PayPal.
3. Access to grammar lessons & exercises for an individual student who is not a member of a group [go barr]
  Fee: €30.00 Access period: One year Tutor assistance, corrections, etc are not included but may be availed of by enrolling for one-to-one tuition via Skype.
  Access only. This licence gives an individual student access to grammar lessons and exercises for one year. You may pay here by PayPal.

Methods of payment for individual students.

  • Write a cheque made out to An Bainisteoir, STUDYBASE and send it by post to this address:

    An Bainisteoir, STUDYBASE, 7 Geata Léim an Bhradáin, Léim an Bhradáin, Co Chill Dara.

  • Fill in one of the the PayPal forms above and pay by credit card. (NB: Calculate the amount to be paid before you begin.)

  • Pay by credit card over the phone to 01-6104442 .

  • Lodge the fee directly to our bank account. Request details here.

Phone 00-353- 01-6104442 or e-mail

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