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STUDYBASE Áiseanna Oideachais

INSTRUCTIONS : How to use Studybase

Léigh as Gaeilge

Léigh as Gaeilge
Instructions for use
How to use Studybase

On a computer with a connection to the Internet:

  1. Click on your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox or whatever browser you use).

  2. When the address bar appears write in www.studybase.com and go to the link " Log in." This will bring you to the log-in page which is the entry point to your course.

    N.B  Hint!  Don’t use Google – use the address bar. Google brings you to a list of websites, whereas the address bar brings you directly to the page you want..

  3. You are now on the log-in page which reads “Returning to this web site?”

  4. Fill in your username and password exactly as they have been given to you.
    N.B: Username and password must be in lower case letters only.    
  5. You will now see the courses.for which you have been enrolled under the heading "My Courses"

  6. Click on one of the courses. Scroll down. You should see a list of lessons. Under each lesson there may be a file of pictures, of text, of explanations, of exercises, etc and an audio file. (You must learn how to switch your media player on and off in order to control the audio file.)

  7. Click on a lesson to display the content. Read the associated text. Consult the explanations. Listen to the audio file. Atempt the exercises.

  8. Use the yellow panel at the top of each page with links to all of the other pages.

  9. At the top left hand corner of your screen look for the word "Baile".This means "Home". Regard this as your starting point when exploring the lessons. This is your homepage.

  10. Another useful feature is the "Jump to ..." series of links to all the material in your course. This can be found on the top right hand corner of each page.

    Notes for Teachers
  11. Ask your students to do the associated exercises online. If computers are unavailable they can do them in their copies or orally in class.

  12. We will send you the answers we have entered in the code. We have entered alternatives where more than one answer is correct. We can add others to those if you wish. This is a live expandable programme unlike the printed textbook. It can be updated daily. Please notify us of errors.

  13. Teachers have "non-editing tutor priviledges." You can click on grades and then on name or cleachtadh.

  14. You will see a table giving the grades achieved by your students in all the cleachtaí  they have done up to the present.  You will see details of the work done on a particular exercises  by each student in the class under cleachtadh

  15. To view an individual student’s work click on that student’s name and then click on
    activity reports and all logs. You will see a full report of everything this student has
    done throughout the course up to the present.

  16. Click on any link to view the comprehensive information provided. You will soon become familar with the user interface.

  17. To view final results look at the last column of the grades table.

  18. If you encounter the slightest difficulty please phone  01-6104442 or e-mail gaeilge@studybase.com