Léigh as Gaeilge

Please click on the following link if you want to enrol just one individual: Single enrolment

This form will enable you as a teacher, school principal, or adult education organiser to enrol a group of your students on one or more courses. We'll open the number of accounts you require and send you an individual username and password for each pupil.

You, or their teacher, will be admitted free as a Teagascóir tutor. If you wish you can first take one or two licences to evaluate the courses for a period of two weeks. Then if you wish to enrol your students you will be asked to pay the agreed fees. See the FEES page.

Finally we will send you the list of usernames and passwords that we have entered on the site to distribute to the members of your group. They will be specific to your group. As Teagascóir tutor you will be accorded "tutor privileges" and will be able to supervise their work and watch their progress.

  • Fill in this form and within a few days you will receive access for yourself for a period of two weeks during which you should assess the suitability of our courses for your pupils. We will be happy to answer questions.
  • If you then want to proceed please go to the FEES page and make the appropriate payment.
  • If you hate filling in forms just send us an e-mail from here: Lig isteach mé!
  • Alternatively pick up the phone at any time 00-353-(0)1 6104442. We will welcome your call.
Contact Details of Group Leader or Teacher
School / College / Organisation:
Contact email:
Telephones (include mobile for texts):
Details of the number of student licences required for your Group:

Please give the number of licences required for your students here. We will set up that number (and a few more besides for you to keep in reserve.) In addition let us know how many Tutor licences you require.

Details of the level of Irish required by your Group:

Senior classes Primary school.
Junior classes postprimary school;
Senior classes postprimary school;
Third-level college
Adult Learner.


If you would like to discuss these courses with us please phone the office on 01-6104442 between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm or text us on 087 9475437. Please see our Contact Details and the page About Us.

A note to teachers and those managing schools and colleges.

We would welcome an invitation from you to visit your school and demonstrate the lessons and exercises to students and teachers. [ Contact ] Alternatively check the site for video demonstrations of the main features of the site. They can also be found on YouTube. Search for "Studybase Irish language" etc.

  • You will see lessons in Irish carefully prepared and ready for display on screen in the classroom, on a laptop, or at home on a desktop computer.
  • You will see relevant exercises displayed, and once attempted, marked within seconds. Wrong answers must be examined, checked in the original lesson text, and attempted again and again. In cases of dire necessity the help of An Teagascóir may be sought by e-mail..
  • Students may work at their own pace wherever and whenever suits them.
  • All answers and results are kept online and marks added up from lesson to lesson so that students can see their own achievement as they progress through the course..
  • The teacher with tutor-privileges can also see how well students are doing so that continuous assessment can be achieved without difficulty.
  • The student's schoolbag will be much lighter since a heavy textbook is no longer required..
  • All the work is done online and your own briefcase will be lighter since you will no longer have to correct piles of copies each evening.

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