Léigh as Gaeilge



    This course is based, with permission, on the book ÚRCHÚRSA GAEILGE by An tOllamh Dónall P. Ó Baoill and Éamonn Ó Tuathaill, and consists of 30 Grammar Units and 6 Revision Tests. The list of Aonaid Units and topics may be seen here: CONTENTS of ADVANCED COURSE .

  • AONAD unit:
    Each Aonad consists of a CEACHT lesson and CLEACHTAÍ exercises -- that tell you if you are right or wrong but don't supply the answer!

  • AN CEACHT The Lesson [PDF and/or Web Page; Audio]
    This is usually a description of a number of points of grammar and numerous illustrative examples presented in downloadable print form, either in PDF or as a Web Page. These can also be displayed in a classroom on an overhead screen. In some lessons you can take aural tests and listen to a recording of An Ceacht in order to learn the pronunciation of new words.

  • NA CLEACHTAÍ The Exercises
    The exercises enable you to test your understanding of the points explained and immediately check your answers online. They are marked ceart right or mí-cheart wrong. We don't just give you the right answer. You must find it yourself from the lesson. If you get some wrong you may study the explanation and examples given in the Ceacht and try again.

    Incorrect answers are valuable. They reveal points of grammar that need to be studied again in the associated CEACHT and should be regarded as an opportunity to learn something new. When the student has succeeded in getting all of the questions right it is time to move on to the next Aonad.

    Such a thorough grounding in Irish grammar was never possible before the astonishing advent of e-learning. Crowded classrooms were never conducive to learning the intricacies of Irish grammar. Here, thanks to STUDYBASE, you, the individual student, can proceed at your own pace under the guidance of an experienced teacher and with the assistance of your fellow students on the Fóram.

  • AN FÓRAM The forum
    Each group of students studying at a particular level have their own monitored Fóram where they can try communicating in Irish and share their enthusiasm with others. They can pose questions and answer the questions posed by others. They can contact An Bainisteoir the manager with requests for additional material or a different approach etc. They may use an ainm cleite and keep their identity secret or make themselves known to other students. Inappropriate messages to the Fóram will result in exclusion from that particular facility.

  • CÚNAMH IS TACAÍOCHTAssistance and Support
    Once enrolled If you find difficulty with some point there is help at hand from other students via the Fóram and from An Teagascóir the Tutor assigned to your course.

  • MOLTAÍ AGUS IARRATAIS Recommendations & Requests
    Since this project is only in its infancy your comments and requests for other courses or other modes of presentation will be much appreciated. If you care to get involved in preparing such courses you will earn appropriate recompense.
  • The course is based on an out of print text which will be acknowledged as soon as permission has been obtained from the authors. Other sources will be recommended as the course proceeds.

    This course is supported by a teagascóir tutor who will be available at times to be agreed to receive messages or questions by e-mail, text, or phone. The tutor will also monitor an associated Course Forum and answer students' questions there as required. A Chat facility will also be available at agreed times.

    This course is presented mostly in Irish and concentrates on the grammar. Participants are expected to look up the meanings of words in Ó Dónaill's dictionary before seeking assistance from the tutor but needless to say the tutor will welcome all messages from students and will gladly assist them in taking full advantage of the course.

  • MICLÉINN students
    The course is intended for those with a relatively good knowledge of spoken Irish who would like to learn more of the grammar and gain a good understanding of An Caighdeán Oifigiúil.

    Although a considerable amount of grammar terminology is used the student who wants to progress from being good at spoken Irish to being good at written Irish will benefit from knowing the tenses of verbs and the gender of nouns and how An Chopail works. Learning this terminology in English is an opportunity lost.

  • This course is ideally suited to the Post-Primary Gaelscoil student who is learning all subjects through the medium of Irish. Such students are picking up the rules unconsciously as they go along and undoubtedly have an excellent vocabulary and an enviable fluency. Nevertheless if they do not make some effort to clarify the rules of grammar and address the foibles of Gaelscoilis they will not rise to the next level of fluency, accurate speech. Thankfully if they have the patience to work through this course they will achieve such accuracy with a minimum of effort.

  • TRÉIMHSE Duration
    Students are allowed free access to the first Aonad unit of their course for two weeks before they enrol. Upon enrolment, having paid the fee, they will be given access to the rest of the course for the period of time for which they have enrolled i.e. 4 months or a full year from their date of commencement. An Teagascóir the tutor will monitor their progress and assist them with difficult points.

    Since this is a relatively long course some students may choose to address particular topics acting on the advice of An Teagascóir who will endeavour to assess their competence and suitability for the course before they enrol. An Teagascóir may add lessons to the course in response to a particular student's needs.

  • TEISTIÚCHÁN Certification
    Although STUDYBASE is not associated with any recognised college a Teastas Certificate showing achievement will be issued to each student who satisfactorily completes a course of study.

  • TÚS & CRÍOCH Commencement & Completion
    Some courses may begin and end on specific dates. Students wanting to continue using the resources provided outside of those dates may do so but may not have the support of a tutor during the extra time. Other courses may accept enrolment at any time of the year for an agreed period.

  • TÁILLE Fee:
    The first lesson of each course is free but you must enrol. .See the page [ Enrol ]. If you wish to continue with one of our courses the current fees are published here: Fees

  • CLÁRAIGH Enrol
    Click here for an application form or phone 01-6104442 or e-mail Oifig Studybase

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