Léigh as Gaeilge

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separate pictures - vocabulary - conversation - narrative - audio tracks - automatically-marked quizzes - credit
We take ten typical pictorial essays such as those presented in the Junior Cert Ordinary Level exam and we provide the vocabulary and idiom required to discuss each picture. Then we imagine the conversation between the characters and finally we give a sample essay. These are excellent teaching materials for teachers. Buachaillí ag imirt peile
Picture with notes and English tags.
  1. All the pictures are first shown together as they appear on an exam paper. A boy and a girl are involved and the task required of the student is to write a diary entry describing the events portrayed as seen by one or other of the participants. Thus verb tenses are likely to be in the past tense and in the first person. 15 lines are required.

  2. Then each picture is shown separately and without notes. The teacher can use this picture on its own as a "prompt" to enable the students to display their existing knowledge of Irish by contributing words and phrases that they already know.

  3. This can be followed by a study of the page containing the "notes" which consist of a number of sentences likely to be spoken by the participants and containing appropriate vocabulary, idiom, and phrases used in context. This first aspect of the lesson teaches conversational Irish.

  4. The next section of the lesson addresses the task required in the examination: the writing of a short prose paragraph. Narrative.

  5. As an aid to the student a glossary is provided. Attention is drawn to particular points of grammar.

  6. An audio-file provides a guide to pronunciation and a number of quizzes stimulate a more thorough study of the material.

  7. The ultimate exercise or objective is the writing of an "assignment" containing an original account of a similar situation for correction by the StudyBase Tutor or Classroom Teacher.

  8. The lay-out of the lessons allows the teacher and student to link back and forth between pictures with or without notes, between the audio-file and the related text, and also between the essay and the related grammar in CB2 or CB1 as required.
The level of Irish taught
These pictorial essays portray real-life situations, are easily comprehended and provide a focus for both learner and teacher.
They can be used at any level from the senior classes in Primary school up to the oral Irish examination at Leaving Cert and beyond.
They can be used in the Coláiste Samhraidh and in the one-to-one "grind".
Learning Irish involves encountering words and phrases in context and learning to use them in speech and in writing.
Aim high!
Since these lessons are as likely to be used by students who have been reared or educated through Irish as by beginners we choose to aim high and include as much relevant vocabulary, examples of usage, and idiom as we can in the space available. There is nothing to be gained by excluding everyday usage on the grounds that it would be too difficult. Teachers and learners can select from the material we offer. If the objective is to teach and learn as much Irish as possible, rather than "just enough to pass the exam," we will be proud to assist in that objective and we are confident that students and teachers will benefit from our endeavour.