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  • Sample essays for the Higher-Level Irish Leaving Cert Examination. Written in good accurate tradtional Irish these compositions are not only a good source of ideas for topical essays but also of terminology and idiom. They are intended to teach Irish. They discuss modern issues using the wisdom of an ancient but apposite proverb--sparingly--together with the modern terminology appropriate to the topic. While they are not intended to be learnt by heart they provide good templates for similar essays.

  • Commentaries on the 20 Series of Pictures set for the Leaving Cert Oral Irish Exam. They consist of text, notes, exercises, quiz, and sound recording. The comments relating to the essays apply also to the picture commentaries.

  • Answers to typical Oral Irish Exam questions are in course of preparation. The comments relating to the essays apply also to the picture commentaries. .

  • Prós agus Filíocht: Explanations, appreciations and commentaries on the prose and poetry for the Leaving Cert.

  • An Ghramadach / Grammar Lessons and Exercises, Intermediate and Advanced levels These provide an ideal reference grammar with numerous examples and exercises.for points such as Claoninsint / Reported Speech or An tAinmfhocal agus Na Tuisil / the Noun and the Cases, and Na Díoclaontaí / The Declensions.

  • Aistí agus Comhrá don Teastas Sóisearach / Junior Cert Compositions and Conversations. Although the source was the Teastas Sóisearach / Junior Cert examination papers these lessons provide excellent material for remedial teaching and learning at all levels and are particularly useful when practising oral Irish for Leaving Cert. It is easier to begin with familiar narrative and language before introducing topics requiring more difficult terminology.
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If the course that you want is not listed try the "All courses" button. above. You can then enrol yourself on the additional course you require. When you click on the link to your course -- in this case the Aistí / Essays -- an introductory page will appear with a list of the essays available. Under each title the various 'pages' appear: Text, Notes, Exercises, Soundtrack. You can easily move from one page to another using the panel of links at the top of each. [If you discover dead or misleading links please let us know.]:
Here you can see there are three or four links under each title, Téacs / Text, Nótaí / Notes, Cleachtaí / Exercises / Quiz, and Fuaimrian / Soundtrack. The text is intended to supply vocabulary and structures for your own composition. It does not claim to be the only way to express these thoughts . Here is an example:.
Text / Téacs:
Notes / Nótaí:
The Notes / Nótaí consist of English translations of most of the sentences. The translations adhere closely / literally to the Irish words since the objective is to learn how ideas are expressed in Irish rather than achieve a professional translation in Engllish which might not be helpful in understanding the literal meaning of the Irish.
Work in progresss: Cleachtaí / Exercises, Fuaimrianta / Soundtracks.
Regarding the Cleachtaí / Exercises these have yet to be drafted for most of the essays. Consistinng of cloze tests they are intended to motivate the student to go through the text yet again. Ideally they should be done in conjunction with the Fuaimrian which would have the advantage of engaging the student's listening skills and thus preparing for the Triail Chluastuisceana / Listening Comprehension Test..