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FAQS: Frequently asked questions

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FAQs -- Frequently asked questions

Who is this material for? Who can use it?


Both teachers and students can use the material.

  • Lessons are displayed in such a way that they are very suitable for use on a whiteboard or overhead screen in the classroom.
  • Teachers faced with the problem of different levels in the same class can set work for one group using Studybase while doing something else with another.
  • Students can access the site at any time from their laptop, ipod or phone.
  • The beauty of the site is that students working on their own can test the accuracy of their answers without any delay.
  • In addition they can always send a message to the administrator, an experienced teacher, if they encounter difficulty.


What is the most popular part of the site?


The sample texts for the Pictorial Topics in the Leaving Cert Oral Irish Exam are always in considerable demand.

Won't our students see the work of students from other schools? I would not like that.


No. If students are enrolled together as a group they will be given access to the lessons and exercises as a group and will be unaware of others using the site.

Couldn't ordinary teachers prepare their own lessons and exercises for use on the web? Surely it is not rocket science.

No. It is not rocket science. The "ordinary teacher" could indeed do this work but it would require particular skills in website design. It would also take a considerable amount of time. The production of material such as ours requires a very high level of accuracy in the language. Our material is intended for those at intermediate and higher levels. In addition while the writing of a textbook is not particularly difficult teachers are not expected to prepare and print their own textbooks.

We hope that our online material will make it easier for teachers to find content in Irish and about Irish for use with their ICT equipment in the classroom.


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