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Áras Chrónáin
Áras Chrónáin, Lána an Uisce, Bóthar an Úlloird, Cluain Dolcáin, Baile Átha Cliath.
www.araschronain.ie / eolas@araschronain.ie / 01-4574847

Oíche Airneáin

ar an gceád Aoine den mhí ag 9.00 p.m.

Event An "Oíche Airneáin" or social evening will be held on the first Friday of the month in Áras Chrónáin from 9.00 p.m. until 10.30 p.m..
Venue Áras Chrónáin, Cluain Dolcáin, Co Bhaile Átha Cliath. Although Áras Chrónáin is a "members only club" non-members are welcome at the Oíche Airneáin and will be signed in as guests.
When? From 9.00 -- 10.30 p.m. on the first Friday of the month. Commencing 7/11/2014
Programme Based on the model of the Ciorcal Comhrá, conversation circle, or the Ciorcal Amhránaíochta, singing circle, where one of those present calls a halt to the general hubbub and invites someone to begin. The person called on has the floor for about five minutes and may sing a song, recite or read a poem, tell or read a story, or just speak about something that may be of interest to all. Others may join in with questions or anecdotes of their own if appropriate..

The person who has assumed the role of Láithreoir, presenter, calls on another person, then another and so on until everyone in the circle has had a chance to speak or sing.

An Láithreoir - or any participant on their turn - may distribute an Irish song sheet and lead the group in singing together.

Finally three names are drawn from a hat and "prizes" from the duaischiste, prizefund, are awarded.

Comhrá Gaeilge Comhrá Gaeilge / Conversation in Irish:
The Oíche Airneáin hopes to attract the support of Irish speakers and learners with a view to creating an ambience where Irish can be spoken without embarrassment.
Slua-Amhránaíocht Slua-Amhránaíocht / Singing Together:
There are are hundreds of beautifull songs in Irish. Thanks to the Internet and You Tube it is now possible to learn both words and melody and enjoy singing them. We aim to pass them on. From the point of view of improving our Irish these are a wonderful resource.
Amhránaíocht Aonair Amhránaíocht Aonair / Individual Singing:
We know from the popularity of other singing circles that singing remains an enjoyable pastime. No particular styles of singing are required to participate in the Oíche Airneáin.

If you grew up in the Gaeltacht and know the songs your parents and neighbours sang be assured of our respect.

If you are learning Irish and learning songs in Irish you will have our admiration. As with all other issues relating to the use of the Irish language in public we have to make more of an effort to create occasions where songs in Irish are really welcome. The Oíche Airneáin aims to create space for them. If you value Irish and want to pass on the old songs we need your help.
Filíocht Filíocht / Poetry
Poetry in Irish was once such a part of our schooldays that we can all remember lines and verses. Although reluctant to sing on our own in public many of us would love to revive poems we once knew well. If you would like to recite one of your favourite poems and if you fail to find them on the Internet, you may be assured that someone at the Oíche Airneáin will have a a copy of Filíocht na nGael. Be sure to give it back. It is a rare treasure.

Scéalaíocht Seanchas agus Scéalaíocht / Storytelling
We're all good at telling yarns. We all have a few good ones. Why not have a go at telling one of yours in Irish. You have four weeks to prepare. You may have to cut it short however if it is to fit the 5-minute slot acccorded to everyone in their turn.
Prize Fund With a view to encouraging younger people to participate in the Oíche Airneáin we have a duaischiste, a small fund, from which prizes are awarded to those whose names are drawn from a hat. There will be no competition, no adjudicators, no judgement. Just a token of appreciation. Even if you only come to listen.
Donations Those attending the Oíche Airneáin are invited to make a small voluntary donation to the Prize Fund. [€5 or less is suggested.] If you would like to make a larger donation please place it in an envelope with your name and contact details and give it to the fáilteoir, receptionist, so that we may issue you a receipt. All donations will go towards the promotion of the language mostly through enhanced prizes for young people engaging with the spoken language and the songs and literature.

At the end of the "organised" part of the Oíche Airneáin-- i.e. about 10.30 p.m.-- these voluntary donations will be added to the existing prizefund and three prizes will be awarded: €25; €15, and €10.

Participants are welcome to remain on at leisure and enjoy the rest of the evening for as long as they wish.
Who may attend? Everyone is welcome -- especially those willing and able to speak Irish. Non-members of Muintir Chrónáin should phone or text 087 9475437 to get a member of Muintir Chrónáin to sign them in. Alternatively send an e-mail to the organisers here :: Oíche Airneáin.
Instrumental music? Oíche Airneáin lays emphasis on the spoken word and on songs sung in Irish. Accompaniment to songs in Irish on an acoustic guitar or keyboard would be welcome.
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